PMC Ammunition X-Tac M855 5.56 NATO 62GR Green Tip LAP 20Rds


X-Tac 556 62 Grain LAP – Light Armor Piercing 20 round box of ammo. Grab this deal and start shooting! GRAB 1 BOX OR 100 with FLAT SHIPPING ON AMMO!


X-Tac 556 62 gr Features

PMC Ammunition


PMC’s exacting adherence to the precise specifications of military and law enforcement organizations assures that X-TAC ammunition will perform perfectly in that fraction of a second when a serious threat arises and your life is on the line. Self defense begins and ends with reliable, consistent ammunition.

LAP – Light Armor Piercing

X-Tac 556 62 gr BALLISTICS ; PMC Ammunition

PMC Ammunition

(barrel length: 20 inches)
VELOCITY (feet per second)
Muzzle: 3100
100 Yds: 2762
200 Yds: 2449
300 Yds: 2157
400 Yds: 1885
500 Yds: 1637
ENERGY (foot-pounds)
Muzzle: 1323
BULLET PATH (inches)
Muzzle: -1.5
100 Yds: 0
200 Yds: -3.1
300 Yds: -11.9
400 Yds: -28.3
500 Yds: -54.6
Ballistic Coefficient
Bullet Length
Sectional Density


PMC Ammunition
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